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February 27, 2006



I think you're absolutely right. When you want to engender an image change you have to be watchful of what your audience is familiar with most. In this case, anything that creates the green back and also the Euro will always attract the attention of the West.


While you may view it as heartening that Bush and Franks have come out to support the Ports deal, let's not confuse a quid-pro-quo accommodation with any meaningful change of public policy or opinion here in the US. I suspect had the Bush administration any inkling that they would end up in this maelstrom of negative publicity; they would have nixed the deal to begin with. What is needed in the US and other Western nations is for us all to work hard to advance the progress of local citizens of Arab and Muslim heritage to positions of influence. Perhaps then we will see meaningful change.

Shakeel Salam

This is an opportunity for Islamic world to prevent American/Jewish elements from taking a slice of Arab countries business interest or space. If they are worried about security, we should do the same and not allow them to encroach into our lands. "Prevention is better than cure".


I think Muslim world should looking for alternative ....West never apreacite Muslim world as good as possible...so why not Muslim enterpreneur turn eyes to east region like China,Japan,Korea,India and so on.It's good as well invest in another muslim country like malaysia and Indonesia.On that way Muslim make balance between west and east.

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