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March 22, 2006


Mohamed Ali Vaid

While this is encouraging, one has to wonder where the funds will be invested. Do we believe the opportunities for venture backed entities is larger in the MENA region as compared to India and China combined? In which sectors and entities will the estimated $17 Billion be invested? With such gaudy numbers thrown about, it would be prudent to guard against exuberance which could lead to investments in dubious projects.


On guarding against exuberance, certainly the fundamentals of viable opportunities is key. Our hope is that the growth and proliferation of a VC culture would drive entrepreneurs to expand opportunities.

The question is, will entrepreneurs build upon this financial engine to develop regional and global solutions? Will this trend drive a Silicon Valley style innovation culture? Will the entrepreneurs of the region begin to think big in solving the needs of a global audience base?


I think most of the capital should be invest to east region.It is part of the world on good growing in the future.There is big number of consumer and countries ongoing in development ...it is amazing the center of economy will move from west to east.

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