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December 21, 2006



Can you please let me know which institute offers distance learning in Islamic Finance?
I'm based in Al Ain (Abu Dhabi) in UAE.


You can look into distance learning programs at the following

The International Institute of Islamic Business and Finance – India – http://www.netversity.org

The Institute of Islamic Banking and Insurance – UK - http://www.islamic-banking.com/

Each program offers its own curriculum and style of teaching. The costs also vary.


I'm worry about Muslim world trend in education.They are copy a lot from westen style .I think Muslim world need to modified westen style,They should stress on knowledge and skill.....The true thing is teaching knowledge and train student in the field of job should going in the same time.Train student in the field of job can give the real of the job need.Please avoid westen style in education that,give student a lot of knowledge but far from reality job.Student need training again when they go in the job.This is a long way ...not suitble for muslim world.Should be stress on application of knowledge more than others....

Michael Saleh Gassner

You may look up training programs including MBA on my website Islamicfinance.de section Seminars. I added a number of institutions: commercial, distance courses, professional and academic qualifications.

sumera g

I would like to have experts opinion on one thing:
For professionals pursuing to work in islamic finance related-field, which of the following is the most valued and useful program:
MSC in islamic Finance (distance learning from UK)
Chartered Islamic Finance Professional (distance learning from malaysia)
or pursue CFA with some islamic finance courses or certificates?

Although CFA is most valued designation in Finance world, but i personally think it applies little when it comes to Islamic Finance and Banking. Do You agree?


I'd say that there is currently no recognized designation across the Islamic finance industry. Much of the decision can be based on what one intends to do with the degree/certification. If I was to chose from among the options you mentioned I would lean toward the CFA designation. it will give you both breadth and depth in understanding finance as it's practiced today. The modern practice of Islamic Finance requires a thorough understanding of finance in general. After you start the CFA I think any good distance learning program can help to fill in the gaps and provide a systematic understanding of Islamic finance. The choice of which program will depend on what you're looking for, reputation of the program, cost, logistics, etc. Don't be shy to ask any of the certification providers for references so that you can speak to current and past students to see how they liked the program. Also, I don't think you have to complete the CFA before starting the Islamic Finance course work.

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