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December 18, 2006



On behalf of our Non Profitable Organization We need some jobs in Your High Ness Group of Company in Saudia Arabia.


I don’t think what Prince Al-Waleed do of his investments in US is a correct action. Wealthy man from the Muslim world should not stay longer in US or UK.That’s because that countries oppress Muslim world a lot.Westen world remain hesitate to pass their technologies to our region. As they hesitate to develop Muslim countries,they put a lot of obstacles on that……It is better if Wealthy man go to Africa and develop land over there for growing corp and do food processing,that can secure your food in the future.or you may buy firms in some countries,by that you can acquire technologies.It is alright you hire some maneger and engineer from westen countries.You can also build infrastructures in some Muslim countries or develop their material resources.
Yes, you may do profit for your business,but you can’t acquire technologies and not helping more for develop Muslim world.But your investments in media firm is a right thing,because with that you can grow Muslim’s influences in westen world.If you think to leave US or UK, don’t leave at all …just put small investment there ….that for remain ties between muslim world and US/UK.I think it is not nice for Muslim world remain dependent on west, it is time to take a look for alternatif … put eyes on east region and find new partnership.

Suzanne TMF

If you are speaking of Prince Al-Waleed you would have to know him when he came to America in the mid 1980's. I doubt if he has changed his caring and concern for other people. A former classmate at Marylhurst University, Class of 1984. STMF Every country needs friends in as many countries as they can have. Regardless of race, religion or Nationality. He is well remembered here.

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