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June 28, 2007



It is indeed good news to know that some of the muslim countries have finally come out of slumber and realised that education and research can push the country towards sustained growth.The OIC countries are lacking in education and unfortunately the leaders in the most of countries are disloyal to country and people.Moreover the standard of education in public schools is deteriorating every passing day.The ruling class is enjoying the wealth of countries and poor is pushed to wall.The socalled nobleman or leaders in OIC countries are mostly from those families which served the masters and now conquered thier own people.They have no connection with the masses and they destroy the talent of muslim world deliberatly to please their new mastwers.In this situation ME education investment is real good news.

Rafi-uddin Shikoh

Dear Mr. Ahmed Sirohey. Indeed the trend is positive in making strategic investment with long term sustainable benefits. You can read more about the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) in a recent article we had done. (http://www.dinarstandard.com/innovation/KAUST112107.htm)

Abraaj capital - who I have mentioned in the blog estiamtes that accross the MENA and South Asia region assessed value of Education investment needed is $114 billion. Private investments are certainly needed and we will be tracking this.

Finally, one other key point relating to other major OIC markets such as Turkey, Pakistan, Indonesia, Nigeria, Bangladesh etc. is that their respective corporate sectors should look to invest in education as well. All major Turkish conglomerates (eg. Koc, Sabanci..) have invested greatly in education and have created marquee institutions themselves. Perhaps some of the MENA education funds would look into other OIC markets as well.

A few additional Funds investing in the education sector in the region are:

- Addax Education Holdings ($100 mill fund in partnership with Addax Bank and Jordaninvest to invest in and manage for-profit pre-school through secondary (K-13) schools and other education related businesses accross MENA region)

- The Center of Excellence for Applied Research and Training (CERT), the commercial arm of the Higher Colleges of Technology in the UAE has initiated an investment fund CERT Capital. The fund is investing in the embryonic and evolving technology, healthcare and education sectors.

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