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January 27, 2008



I delight with economy progress in Muslim World.The achivement of 14.5% growth is an evident that Muslim World can do better than another part of world in economic perfomance. I think to sustain that growth in a better performance, Muslim World need:
1.stress more on infrastructure development, because every development need infrastructure. We need good road, port, airport, power station, water supply, and telephone network and so on to sutain economy development. We need as well cheap building material, many expert personel, and many skillful workers. Muslim World needs to establish training centre and research center. Student or workers need to train on "hands on knowledge", on site experience. Know how and how to do in real job.
2.Establish industry of local resourses. For example Malaysia, Indonesia and some Muslim countries have tropical jungle, palm oil, and medicine plants. Those countries can establish furniture industry, famacietical industry, cemical industry and so on. Arab countries have lot of sand, stone, oil. This countries need stress on glass industry, building material industry, plastic, cemical industry and so on

3.Centrelize some industries for some region base on local resourses, expertise and technologies acquirement. Some industries need to centralize in Malaysia-Indonesia, some in guilf region, some in Africa.Another region can do the same industry if they have resourses but not as center. On that way every country have industry and every countries in Muslim World need each other, so trade can be flourish.

4.Every countries in Muslim World need to produce material or do bussines in low cost,high quality,easy to use,sustain improve and so on.On that way Muslim World can compete another region and get prosperity

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